Kinabalu Yacht Club

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Tanjung Aru Sabah

1952 - 1968

Inaugural 26.11.1952 Protem Committee Jan 1953-Jan 1954 *** Jan 1954-Feb 1955 Feb 1955-Jan 1956
Commodore L.T.John Tyson L.T.John Tyson J.V. Sadler M.F.L. Haymes
Vice Commodore J.R. Stagg J.R. Stagg
J.V. Sadler
E.G. Cross E.G. Cross
Hon. Secretary Robin Gossip A.B. Capjon
Susan Wood (Miss)
Stella Cross (Mrs) Stella Cross (Mrs)
S.M. Wood (Miss)
R. Smith
Hon. Treasurer Robin Gossip A.B. Capjon
Susan Wood (Miss)
Chang Siew Pak
Frank Smith
F.N. Smith
Committee Members J.V. Sadler
R.B. Buckland
R.B. Buckland L.T.John Tyson
W.J.P. Semple
J.M. Fulton
R.W. Lowe
C.D. Evans
Racing Committee ***   E.G. Cross Peter Alexander
R.W. Lowe
Entertainment Committee ***     E.A. Stephens
Sheila Stephens (Mrs)
Captain of Boats   D.S.H. Reddish M.L. Haymes  
*** Please note : 1) 1st AGM held on Monday 16th January 1963 at Jesselton Sports Club.
  2) As per GC Meeting 25th February 1955, Racing Committee renamed as "Sailing Committee" and Entertainment Committee renamed as "House Committee".


Jan 1956-Feb 1957 Feb 1957-Feb 1958 Feb 1958-Apr 1959 Apr 1959-Feb 1960 #
Commodore M.F.L.  Haymes M.F.L.  Haymes M.F.L.  Haymes M.F.L.  Haymes
Vice Commodore E.G. Cross E.G. Cross E.G. Cross
P.F.S. Cross
E.G. Cross
Rear Commodore#   P.F.S. Spencer P.F.S. Spencer
J.C. Robinson
D.E. Fowles
J.P. Law
Hon. Secretary Stella Cross (Mrs) G.C.N. Pratt J.P.C. Burbrook Beryl S. Watts (Miss)
Hon. Treasurer E.P. Smith R.B.S. Billington
A.H. Winsbury
D. Clark
P. Collenette
P. Collenette P. Collenette
M.J.S. Figg
A.W. Brown
Committee Members C. Evans (Mrs)
Frank Smith
Paul Spencer
R.W. Lowe
E.J.K. Wicksteed
R.A.M. Wilson R.A.M. Wilson
David Clark
Sailing Secretary     R.W. Lowe Stella Cross (Mrs)
House Committee       Don Fowles
Captain of Boats       I.C. Peck
Bosun     Mr. Walker  
*** Please note : 1)  Rear Commodore post minuted in GC meeting dated 18th February 1957.
  2)  AGM held in new Clubhouse at Tanjung Aru coinciding with the formal opening of  new Clubhouse on 3rd April 1959.  


Feb 1960-Feb 1961 Feb 1961-Feb 1962 Feb 1962-Feb 1963 Feb 1963-Nov 1963
Commodore M.F.L. Haymes R.A.M. Wilson R.A.M. Wilson E.G. Cross
Vice Commodore E.G.S. Cross E.G.S. Cross E.G.S. Cross D.F. Barton
Rear Commodore J.C. Robinson J.C. Robinson B. Jones W.K.H. Jones
Hon. Secretary Beryl S. Watts (Miss) J.C.J. Watling R. Hanson R. Hanson
P. Collenette
Hon. Treasurer A.W. Brown A.W. Brown
F.A. Nicholls
P.M. Parson F.A. Nicholls
Committee Members R.A.M. Wilson
I.C. Peck
K.H. Gordon 
D.H. Barton
I. Peck
M. Saville
S.H. Nicholson
Dr. L.J. Clapham
W.A. Raby
Sailing Secretary G.L. Maslen C.J.E. Curr H.C. Gay  
House Committee J.C. Robinson Mrs. R.A.M. Wilson    
Bar Members A.W. Brown      
Bosun P. Collenette H. Dipper H. Dipper  
Captain of Boats/Berthing Master C.J.E. Curr   S.H. Nicholson  


Nov 1963-Nov 1964 ## Nov 1964-Nov 1965 Nov 1965-Nov 1966 Nov 1966-Nov 1967
Commodore E.G.S. Cross ##
D.F. Barton
Dato W.K.H. Jones.  J.D. Yates P.P. Wise
Vice Commodore D.F. Barton
H. Dipper
R. Hartley-Booth
S.H. Nicholson
K.F. Gordon J.D. Yates
Rear Commodore F.A. Nichols John Robinson
L.H. Wong
L.H. Wong R.M. Hunt
R. Westlake
Hon. Secretary P. Collenette P. Collenette
A.D. Morrison
L.A. Butterworth L.A. Butterworth
G.A. Brooksbank
Hon. Treasurer R. Hartley-Booth A. Peattie
A.H. Hann
P.S. Ingham
W.D.J. Pierce
P.S. Ingham
Committee Members J.D. Boles ##
H. Dipper
R. Stewart-Buck
Derek Gilmour
D.F. Barton
A. Redpath
P.P. Wise
L.H. Butterworth
R.F. Pilcher
A.M. Duncan
P.P. Wise
Dr. E.R.H. Tennant
A.M. Duncan
P. Dallimore
G. Horn
Sailing Secretary        
House Committee        
Bar Members W.A. Raby      
Bosun C.R.N. Hannigan     M. Leonard
C. Curnow
Berthing Master        
** Please note : 1) Change in beginning of term of office due to EGM held 1st August 1963 whereby the following was agreed by members -"to hold AGM not later than 1st December 19xx
Financial accounts for year ended 30th September 19xx"
  2) Introduction of 9 General Committee Members in term Nov 1966 - Nov 1967.
  3) Resigned in June 1964.


Nov 1967-Nov 1968
Commodore H. Dipper
L.A. Butterworth
Vice Commodore A. Duncan
J.P. Law 
Rear Commodore R. Westlake
D. Watson
Hon. Secretary L.A. Butterworth
C. Holmes-Smith
Hon. Treasurer W.D. Pearce
R. Barrand
Bosun M. Leonard
R. Winship
House Committee D. Watson
H. Holland
Bar Members G. Horn
P. Beechy
Berthing Master C. Curnow
A. Brooksbank
  As per EGM on 21st May 1968, the Jesselton Yacht Club was renamed
"Kinabalu Yacht Club" (agreed by the Registrar of Societies ref.
R.S.901/128(11) dated 15th October 1968)
The name "House Member" introduced as per GC Meeting 29th November 1967.